car wash machines

Are you going to run the car wash business and donot know which equipment is best for you. Here are some analyses for your reference.

There are 4 different car wash machines: tunnel, rollover, touch-free, and self-service.

A tunnel car wash machine is a large carwash system that has a conveyor belt to transport cars through an enclosed tunnel. A tunnel car wash machine is the most efficient type of car wash. It is able to clean a car in about two minutes and it has a high capacity for cars. It need more space as they are bigger and longer.

A rollover car wash machine uses two rails to carry vehicles in and out of the washing area. A rollover machine is typically used for commercial purposes, such as at gas stations or other similar.

A touchless car the wash machine is the latest invention in the world of car washing. This machine uses water and foam to clean cars without any contact with them.

Self-service car wash machine can water pray, shampoo and vacuum. It’s not automatic wash machine. It used mostly for 24 hours self-service car wash business.

Type Advantage Disadvantage Application Budget
Tunnel Car Wash
  1. High efficiency: 55cars/hours
  2. The complete automatic process
  3. Easy operation
  1. Cost High
  2. Need large Space
  3. Installation complicated
  1. Car wash business
  2. Gas station
Rollover Car Wash
  1. Easy operation
  2. Price is medium
  3. No need for much space
1. Wash efficiency 15 cars/hour
  1. Car wash business
  2. Gas station
  3. Garage workshop
Touchless Car Wash
  1. No-touch car
  2. Space no much
  3. Cost is low
  1. Wash car 15/hour
  2. Need human to brush it
  3. Cannot clean completely
  1. Gas station

2. Garage workshop

Self-service Car Wash
  1. With inside vacuum
  2. wash, shampoo
  3. Cost is low
  1. Need human to clean it
  2. Not smart machine
  1. 24 hours self-service car wash
  2. Start a small business
  3. Garage workshop