Tunnel car wash system

TUNNEL car wash machine is a brand new car wash system that enables the washing process to be done at a high speed. It has been designed to save cost and energy. Drive vehicle to the tunnel it will automatic to prewash.

It is a new type of car washing system that can be used for any type of vehicle. The spinning brush inside the tunnel will automatically attach to your vehicle’s surface and clean it excellently.

 TUNNEL car wash machine can wash 50 vehicles per hour and only uses 120L of water per vehicle, which saves up to 80% in water and power consumption when compared with traditional methods.

The TUNNEL car wash machine is the perfect solution for small businesses. It cuts down on labor cost, saves money on electricity, has a high return revenue and is very efficient.

The TUNNEL car wash machine is an advanced cleaning system with an automatic tunnel. It washes cars in minutes by simply operating the car through one end of the tunnel, also can add additional vacuum to suck up dirt and water.