gas station car wash machine 1
gas station car washing machine

In developed countries, the gas stations widely have automatic car wash machines. China is also following the steps to have it. It will be new trending in other countries too. Here are analyses for the car wash machine in the gas station.


1) Market Demands:

When your car is out of fuel need to go to the gas station to fill it like you are hungry need to eat. When your car is dirty you need to clean it like dirty cloth need to be washed. Everyone loves clean shining cars.

2) Convert Cost Low:

In the gas station, the average customer is around 1100 per day. That’s the reason why the gas stations have convenience shops. It will be trending in the future. It’s easy to convert the gas filling customer to be car washing customers. So the customer convert cost is low.

3) Convenient for customers:

Customers go to the station to fill the gas, at the same time to wash the car. It not only saves customers time but also brings convenience for customers. Customers no need to take half an hour to find the car wash place.

4)  Customer Adherion

Customers have one-stop of gas-filling and car-washing. They would like to come to your gas station more. It will add the adhere to your gas station. In another way to increase your revenue.

5) More competitive

In one area there are more than one brand gas station. Competition is strong. When other gas stations don’t have car wash machines but you have it will make your station more competitive. If others have but you don’t have it will make your station less competitive

6) Low cost

The car wash machine is automatic no labor is needed just the machine. The cost is the machine price. And you can get your investment back within one year.

A gas station can convert the customers to wash cars like 50 per hour can choose a tunnel car wash machine.

A gas station can convert the customers to wash car like 20-30 per hour can choose rollover car wash machine.

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