Rollover car wash machine

One of our clients bought the tunnel car wash machine beside the vehicle inspection center. After analyze the market we know clients get the benefit as following:

  1. Customer convert cost is low. As the vehicle inspection station one line has around 100 vehicles per day so the total inspection station around 300 vehicles per day. It’s easy to convert the 300 vehicles owner to car wash clients.
  1. Convenient for client. When the car is dirty you need to wash like you are hungry need to have some food. Due to the city water, space limited… people will go outside to wash car. Inspection station has the car wash machine will make washing car convenient. Same as the car wash business on the busy road , gas station…
  1. Cost. The tunnel car wash machine is automatic and can save labor costs. Plus the inspection station has its own space and only adds the machine to make the business. The cost will be car wash machine and consumer-like water, shampoo, wax …
  1. More competitive. You have a car wash machine but others don’t have. It will make your business be more competitive. You have but others don’t have.

If this business is profitable it can be copied to similar clients.